Setting up an LED Lighting System for your Smart Home

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Investing in smart home technology can reduce your energy expenses and make your home both comfortable and safer. Learn how lighting fits into a smart home system, and what bulbs we recommend for smart home technology.

Lighting in the Smart Home System

Lighting complements so many of the smart home technologies you know and love. Take smart thermostats, for instance. Just as you would want to increase the temperature so you return home to a warm house during winter, you might want to illuminate your front porch so you can see your way inside.

For another example, consider the smart home security system. When you’re traveling, smart home systems let you check in on your home via security camera, control everything from lights to radio to make it appear as if you’re home, and receive notifications on your smartphone if something goes wrong. In this case, lights create the appearance of your routine and can deter a thief from breaking and entering.

Whether you’re interested in security or energy efficiency, you’ll realize the best value if you use LED lights. LEDs outlast incandescent and compact fluorescent lights and consume the lowest energy of other lighting systems. You’ll save time, money, and energy by switching.

Setting up an LED Lighting System for Your Smart Home

While there are many ways to use lighting within the smart home system, these are a few popular ways to get started:

  • LED Lighted Closet Rod – An LED lighted closet rod makes it easy for you to tell the colors of items in your wardrobe so you’ll never mistake charcoal for black or navy. The LED lighted closet rod we offer shines from the bottom of the rod toward your clothing, so you won’t get light in your eyes. This is a simple way to upgrade your wardrobe experience and streamline your life.
  • Outdoor Living LED – An outdoor living LED is the perfect complement to your deck, patio, or front porch. Using a compatible app, you can change the brightness, color, and even the hue of the LED while socializing outside.
  • LED Magnetic Switch – Frequent cooks will love installing magnetic switches in cabinets to illuminate the interior space. Since these LEDs rely on a magnet for connection, they come on as soon as you opens or close a cabinet. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, this is a must-have feature. This magnetic switch also works with the lighted closet rod, to turn the light on when you open the closet door and shut it off once you’re finished in the closet.
  • Dimmable Porch LED – A dimmable LED for the porch that’s controlled with a smartphone app means never having to fumble for the right key again. You’ll love the ability to program an on/off for your porch light. Have an electrician swap our your porch light switch with a programmable dimmer switch, add an LED lightbulb, and set up the light to shine on demand.

For more ideas of ways to use lighting in smart homes, browse our Wessel LED blog.