LED Strip Lights

Show us your project and we’ll match it with the right LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lighting

Many uses, dramatic differences

Our flexible and rigid LED Strip Lights are made of SMDs (surface mounted diodes) with over 20 different versions available. As always, we customize LED strips for your application. We sell complete reels or custom lengths with or without attached wires and connectors. Let us know your needs and we will accommodate you! All white colored Wessel LED strip lighting is UL listed and has met our rigid research and development standards. You simply can’t buy a better LED.

LED Strip Lights

We use high quality, time tested LED components to ensure long duration, trouble free operation of our LED lighting systems. Show us your project and we will pair it with the right LED strip lighting.

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LED Strip Lights

LED Light Strips are flexible strips of powerful lighting that can be used in virtually any space. They can be cut to custom lengths, there are different color options, and most can even hold up to outdoor environments as they are dust and waterproof. With their super thin design they are ideal for hard to reach places or to enhance a small space with custom lighting. The options are endless.