LED Linear Lighting

Our custom-made linear LED lighting solutions do more than light a space. Our products are safe for the environment, offer convenience and customization, help businesses sell and promote products and services, and enhance any space they are incorporated into.

LED Linear Lighting

We are passionate about creating beautiful lighting

At Wessel LED Lighting, we are fully committed to providing custom LED Linear Lighting solutions to all our clients.  We understand that every project and client is different from the last, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That is why we approach each project with fresh eyes. We have a large variety of lighting options, so we can help our clients bring their ideas to life.

We work with both big and small projects. Every space is professionally considered based on such particulars as natural lighting and the required ambiance.

Wessel LED takes pride in ensuring our custom-made linear LED lighting plans are energy efficient to save you money while ensuring we meet energy requirements locally and internationally.

Ambient LED Light

This modern profile measures only 0.55″ x 0.31″ (14mm x 8mm) and comes with an opaque diffuser. Due to its size, it finds many applications, i.e. under cabinet lighting, ambient lighting, etc.

Narrow Angled LED Light

This narrow, angled aluminum LED lighting fixture is ideal for cabinet or cove lighting. The curved, opaque lens diffuses the light evenly. Mounts easily with double sided tape.
Meas.: 0.51″ x 0.51″ (13mm x 13mm)

Slim Accent & Decor Light

Measuring only 10mm X 10mm, this opaque polystyrene extrusion can be mounted almost anywhere. Available in 1/16 inch increments up to 8 feet. It’s the smaller version of our LED Cabinet Light ‘Fineline’ which is 14mm X 14mm. It mounts easily and securely with double sided tape and comes with a 78″ power feed wire. End caps included. Additional length wires are available. Want the power wire to come out of the top, the end, the back? No problem, just let us know!

LED Cabinet Light - Fineline

This LED Cabinet Light fixture is a “multi-tasker”! It can be used for under cabinet lighting, drawer lighting, mirror surround-lighting or headboard lighting.

Surface - Mount Designer LED Light

This Surface-Mount Designer LED Light is commonly used in hotels for LED mirror lighting. Interesting color-changing lighting applications are possible due to the depth of this fixture.

Set it to full brightness when you need it or dim it for ambient illumination. May be mounted with screws or double-sided tape… just let us know!

Aluminum Surface Mount LED Light - Double

The wider body of this LED extrusion, Aluminum Surface Mount LED Light – Double, allows for 2 LED light strips to be installed, resulting in 100% increased brightness.

Aluminum Surface Mount LED Light-US-Line

Our Aluminum Surface Mount LED Light is a multi-purpose, sleek surface mounted LED light fixture for display, office or kitchen lighting.

Deep Decor Plastic Extrusion

This Deep Decor Plastic Extrusion is an all star extrusion for LED accent lighting. Made for separating architectural elements like counter top to cabinet. The 2″ depth guarantees even lighting with no visible LED dots in both, white or multicolored (RGB) applications.

Decor Plastic Extrusion

This is a unique dual purpose LED lighting Decor Plastic Extrusion. It can be used for accent lighting, dividing architectural elements or major LED display lighting, utilizing the possibility of 2 built-in LED strip lights.

Recessed LED Light - Deep

Transform an attractive cabinet/ countertop combination into a beautiful display by installing this Recessed LED Light – Deep extrusion on top of the base cabinets and under the countertop! Looks great as a divider between cabinets as well. Dimmable… Think about the possibilities…

Recessed LED extrusion, translucent, opaque, polystyrene. Due to the depth of the extrusion a uniform LED lighting without any visible dots is created.

LED Jewelry Lighting

Custom made fixtures with special lighting requirements are standard for us. Creating an extremely bright and uniform surface illumination of LED Jewelry Lighting display cases, is one example. An impressive, brilliant light will accent the cut and color of your diamonds and gemstones. Combined with our LED Display Lighting for your store, you have the best way to show off your products.

Available in chrome or silver finish, our sleek LED Jewelry Lighting is the best way to illuminate your jewelry showcase.

Recessed LED Light - Aluminum

Elegant and energy efficient – our Recessed LED Light – Aluminum extrusions compliment an exquisite look for LED cornice or baseboard lighting with exceptionally low heat development, providing a uniform, pleasant, yet bright light.

Double your light where you need it with our double recessed aluminum extrusion, perfect for LED display lighting.

Recessed LED Light - Opaque

Our versatile recessed extrusions are the number one choice to improve looks and functionality for your LED display lighting. Cornice extrusions add a contemporary accent to closed cabinet doors and a glare-free illumination when the doors are open. Our Recessed LED Light – Opaque is often incorporated by designers and always loved by the client.

Featured Article

LED lights offer energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and a long lifespan. Compared to fluorescent bulbs, LEDs last nearly three times longer. Like traditional lightbulbs, there are many different types of LEDs available in a variety of watts and lumen options.