LED Panel Lights

Upgrade your existing fluorescent light fixtures to save you energy and money

Making the switch is easy

LED Panel Lighting by Wessel LED Lighting Systems offers substantial cost savings due to reduced energy consumption of up to 85% over traditional, obsolete fluorescent fixtures (as well as reduced load on air conditioning systems), and the virtual elimination of lighting maintenance and replacement needs for ten years or more. This is especially impactful for operations that need to be shut down in order to perform lighting maintenance. 

Choose from a wide variety of zero glare LED Panel Lights, including round LED panel lights, square panel lights and rectangular panel lights with an assortment of wattages, color (Kelvin) temperatures and lumens output. All LED panel light fixtures come complete with a low voltage driver that can be either mounted on top of the LED panel or used remotely. 

Our panel lighting contains no mercury, an issue for the EPA, USDA and other types of regulatory organizations. Dimmable LED panels can be purchased through special order.

LED Panel Lights

These lights are retrofit to work with the grid system you already have, so making the switch is easy. The LED Panel Lights come in two sizes, 2′ by 2′, and 2′ by 4′. They have Perfect Light Uniformity, which means steady light for safety, and less eye strain for computer users.


Modernizing and improving lighting is key for businesses. Newer, modern lighting can produce stronger lighting that’s more energy-efficient, too. LED flat panel lights are a common choice for both commercial and residential applications because they lead to long-term savings.

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