9 Advantages of Using LED Light Bulbs VS Traditional Bulbs

LED light bulbs are top sellers because they offer a lot of advantages over traditional bulbs. Light emitting diode (LED) technology has a lot of benefits, but the most common reason individuals and businesses choose these bulbs are: 9 Reasons to Choose LED Light Bulbs Over Traditional Bulbs 1. LED Energy Efficiency is Higher Than […]

Everything a Business Needs to Know About LED High Bay Lighting

LED lighting offers many advantages over conventional fluorescent and HID lighting, including energy savings and a longer lifespan. These advantages make LEDs a great option for high bay lighting, particularly in manufacturing and warehouse facilities where lighting is both crucial and costly.  Businesses that are considering installing LED high bay lighting should understand the types […]

LED Light Sensitivity: Quick Ways to Overcome Your Sensitivity

LED lights are growing in popularity, offering reduction in energy consumption, longer-lasting bulbs and bright lighting. For 99% of people, LED light sensitivity won’t be an issue. But others may experience sensitivity that includes: Discomfort Photosensitivity Headaches Migraines  Can LED Lights Make You Sick? Maybe. The bulbs go on and off hundreds of times a […]

LED Light Color Temperature and Choosing the Right Temperature for Your Home

LED lighting colors and temperature requirements vary depending on your usage. One room may need a cool or neutral color, while a warm LED light color temperature may be a good choice for another room. When buying your LED lights, it’s important to consider: Light color temperature Temperature recommendations by space Color temperature scale If […]

How are LED Lights Environmentally Friendly?

LED lights are touted as being the environmentally friendly option compared to incandescent and other types of light bulbs. LED lights are energy efficient, but it’s important to understand why.  How are LED lights environmentally friendly? Energy Efficient LED lights are more energy efficient than other types of lighting. In fact, LEDs use 75% less […]

Why Businesses Should Upgrade to LED Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lot lighting systems play a vital role in visitor safety, and they can mean the difference between a thriving and failing business. When parking lots are well-lit, customers can easily navigate the space and feel safer when visiting your business. Poor lighting, on the other hand, increases the risk of accidents and crime. Upgrading […]

Types of LED Lights

LED lights offer energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and a long lifespan. Compared to fluorescent bulbs, LEDs last nearly three times longer. Like traditional lightbulbs, there are many different types of LEDs available in a variety of watts and lumen options. Types of LED Lights LED Light Bulbs When most people think of LEDs, they think […]

Smart LED Lights Add Functionality to the Smartest Homes

Smart LED lights are in style. Homeowners flock to the smart home trend that allows them to use a hub or even an app to control many of the features of the home. If you haven’t started adding smart home lighting to your home yet, there are many great benefits that can make your home’s […]

A Complete Guide to Under Cabinet LED Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is one of the most overlooked but useful lighting solutions for your home. Overhead lighting is a great start, but it can leave your space feeling cold and unwelcoming. Undercabinet lights illuminate spaces that overhead lights can’t reach, like countertops and shelves. When installed properly, under cabinet fixtures blend seamlessly into your […]

LED Flat Panel Light Usage in Commercial and Residential Settings

Modernizing and improving lighting is key for businesses. Newer, modern lighting can produce stronger lighting that’s more energy-efficient, too. LED flat panel lights are a common choice for both commercial and residential applications because they lead to long-term savings. LED lights are replacing fluorescent lights because they offer: Greater control Cost savings Longevity Increased lighting […]