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LED Lighted Closet Rod

Everyone who has ever tried to tell the difference between the color navy and black in their closet will appreciate our LED Lighted Closet Rod. Once reserved for high-end homes and luxury hotels, LED closet rods are perfect for every home. Custom elegance is more affordable than you think. The quickest way to get that wow factor in a wardrobe or dressing room is to have it well lit. The lit closet rod highlights your clothing so you can find exactly the right shade of black to complete the days ensemble, or that pair of shoes that will be the perfect accent. Dark closets will no longer be a problem. Unlike other illuminated closet rods which shine into your eyes as you look into the closet, the beam of our LED Closet Rod shines from the bottom of the rod at a 10 degree angle, away from your eyes and onto your clothes.

Our LED lighted closet rod is suitable for commercial and residential applications. Hotels, retail stores, and other hospitality businesses can benefit from closet rod lighting. You may safely load 100 lbs on a 42″ rod so you can be comfortable in knowing that it can hold your wardrobe, or your products. Longer spans may be made as needed with our optional center support. Request a Quote or call us at (954) 397-7777 to talk to a specialist and learn more.

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Product Description

In addition to LED Lighted Closet Rods, Wessel LED Lighting Systems offers angled extrusions that adds even more brightness to your wardrobe space. Enjoy the benefits of automation for ease and energy efficiency. Combine this closet rod light with our door or drawer switches. We offer an easy to install Magnetic Switch that can automatically turn the lights on and off with the opening or closing of the closet doors. Like Wessel LED, these closet rods are simply a bright idea.

If power is available installation is a breeze with our plug and play LED closet rod set up. After the closet rod is installed the lights are as simple as running a wire and plugging in a laptop to get this magnificent luxury look. These fixtures from Wessel LED in an average sized closet is well within any budget with no contractor required to install. Inexpensive and built to last with a million dollar look these are a great addition to any closet design, new or retrofit.

LED Angled Extrusions
LED Light Recessed Fixtures

Having a custom closet built? Save more space by using our recessed fixtures that require milling but take up zero space while being beautiful, energy efficient and custom for your custom closet. Our lengths can be cut up to the nearest 1/16″ and closet rods includes side and center mounts our custom LED Closet Rods. Custom closet rods that are cost effective, energy efficient, and easy to install are here. Go for it DIY’rs.

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anodized aluminum


0.6 “x 1.2” (length: custom)