What is Retrofitting, and How Can it Upgrade Your Lighting?

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Office lighting represents 25 percent of the average utility bill. If you’re looking for ways to curb expenses, retrofit LED lighting will allow you to save money every month without completely redoing the lighting system.

What is Retrofit LED Lighting?

Retrofit LED lighting replaces the existing lights in your office with LED bulbs that increase energy efficiency, such as Tube Lighting or Panel Lights. Since the bulbs are designed to fit into the lights you already have, it’s a simple matter of replacing your existing bulbs with LEDs – no electrician necessary.

Retrofitting improves the amount of light output through a given fixture, while decreasing the actual energy consumed by the light fixture. This means you’ll enjoy a brighter facility, while at the same time lowering your energy consumption – getting more light for less money. On average, retrofitting pays for itself within two years.

While both homeowners and businesses can retrofit their homes with LED lighting, such as Wessel’s system, businesses stand to save more, since their lighting needs far exceed those of a typical homeowner.

There are many rebates available at the state and local level. Rebates encourage LED retrofitting by paying you back a portion of the money you spend on new lighting, rewarding you for taking a step to lower your environmental impact. If you’re interested in switching, a rebate can sweeten the deal by lowering your out of pocket costs.

Benefits of Retrofitting

The main benefit of retrofitting is saving money and the environment by reducing your output. However, LEDs offer several additional advantages. Notably, retrofit LED lighting benefits include:

  • Better color – Fluorescent lights can be harsh, and they’re prone to flickering. By switching to LED lighting, you can choose between soft and bright light that doesn’t flicker.
  • Instant on – LEDs go on instantly, with no warm-up period. Now your employees can get right to work.
  • Happier, more productive staff – Studies have shown that switching to a stronger lighting system boosts employee mood and productivity.
  • Generate goodwill – Customers like to support businesses that care about the environment. When you demonstrate that you are socially responsible through an LED retrofit, you can generate goodwill – and increase revenue.
  • Increase property value – Retrofitting with LEDs can actually increase the value of your commercial property, which is great news for business owners considering selling their company.
  • Attract customers – For retail and customer service businesses, switching to LEDs can help you spotlight your products, attracting customers and boosting sales. LEDs work directionally, so they concentrate light in one direction. Use this to your advantage with a shop window makeover.
  • Reduced maintenance – Long-lasting LEDs need to be replaced less often than fluorescent bulbs. As a result of switching, you’ll spend less time on building maintenance.
  • Simple to switch – Since bulbs are retrofit to work with your existing systems, switching is simple. If you often put off projects because you worry about the time it will take to complete them, you’ll enjoy this benefit.

LEDs come in a range of styles, so no matter what type of lights you have, you’ll find an energy-efficient alternative.