Lighted Closet Rod

The quickest way to get that wow factor in a wardrobe or dressing room is to have it well lit

Custom elegance is more affordable than you think

Everyone who has ever tried to tell the difference between the color navy and black in their closet will appreciate our LED Lighted Closet Rod. Once reserved for high-end residences and luxury hotels, LED closet rods are perfect for every home. This lit closet rod highlights your clothing so you can find exactly the right shade of black to complete the day’s ensemble, or that pair of shoes that will be the perfect accent. Dark closets will no longer be a problem. Unlike other illuminated closet rods which shine into your eyes as you look into the closet, the beam of our LED Closet Rod shines from the bottom of the rod at a 10-degree angle, away from your eyes and onto your clothes.

LED Lighted Closet Rod

Our LED lighted closet rod is suitable for commercial and residential applications. Hotels, retail stores, and other hospitality businesses can benefit from closet rod lighting. You may safely load 100 lbs on a 42″ rod so you can be comfortable in knowing that it can hold your wardrobe, or your products. Longer spans may be made as needed with our optional center support.


LED Lighted Closet Rod

Closets can be dark and drab, however, Wessel LED thinks your closet deserves better. Getting the right kind of lighting for a closet can be a challenge. Wessel LED offers not only amazing LED closet lighting but also professional advice on how to get the lighted closet of your dreams.