LED Lighted Glass Shelves

Edge-lit glass shelves testify to impeccable taste, compliment modern design, accentuate a specific decor feature, and spotlight awards.

LED Lighted Glass Shelves

A functional, practical lighting solution for your space

Lighting can do so more than illuminate a room. When done right, lighting solutions can direct your attention, change the look of an entire space, create a mood, add a sense of sophistication or comfort, and elevate or enhance a room or display. If you have a display of any kind in your home, office, or store, and want to add a clean, bright look to cabinets in a room or make your shelving display make a statement, incorporating LED lighted shelves is a great way to achieve your goal. By using LED shelves, the decor, products, documents, or whatever it is you want to place on them, will be sure to gain the attention of your guests or customers.

LED Lighted Glass Shelf - Futura

LED glass edge lighting is the secret in how we lighten the “Futura” line of glass shelves. Using a sturdy, frosted 5/16″ piece of glass that inserts into the wall mount, the LED Lighted Glass Shelf – Futura LEDs light up the whole frosted shelf and bring it to an ambient glow.

LED Lighted Glass Shelf - Linea Classic

Our ‘Linea Classic’ LED Lighted Glass Shelf houses two frosted pieces of glass on top and bottom in one fixture. The brushed aluminum frame which houses the glass shelf adds a distinctive look.

While the standard version comes with 18 white LEDs per foot, we can fit this shelf with any LED of your choice including color changing RGB lighting, with remote.

Dual Purpose LED Shelf Light

Our Dual Purpose LED Shelf Light is designed especially for displays of cosmetics. This LED light fixture attaches to the bottom of a shelf, illuminating the product name and price at the front while simultaneously lighting the lower part of the shelf.

LED Glass Edge Lighting Fixture - Aluminum

LED Glass Edge Lighting Fixture – Aluminum extrusion for 5/16″ glass, silver anodized. The light is being transmitted through the glass or plexi glass to the front edge. Each treated surface (frosted or pencil grind) will catch and reflect the light, creating a beautiful effect for the displayed items.
Note! can not be used as a sole support for the glass!

LED Glass Edge Lighting Fixture – Plastic

This unique product mounts efficiently to the back edge of glass and is barely visible. Sleek and energy-efficient, it transmits LED illumination efficiently to the front and side edges of glass or plexiglass. Engineered by Wessel LED Lighting Systems as the latest innovation in a lineup of creative solutions for stunning display lighting, the glass edge lighting is unique and affordable, lowers total energy consumption and reduces costs.

Precision manufactured, it can be installed on 3/8-3/16″ glass, mounted with a narrow, barely visible silver plastic extrusion that slides onto the back of the shelf. The light is transmitted to the sides and front, allowing each edge to catch and spread the light. Each treated surface, whether pencil grind or frosted, emits a soft, stunning glow. The lighting system is available in lengths up to 8 feet.


If you’re running a restaurant or bar, you know that ambience is a key factor in guest experience. LED lighting can bring you a whole new set of possibilities to light your place and set the mood, all while saving you money in the process.

The illumination of glass – for LED display lighting or LED lighted glass shelves – requires a precision manufacturing technique. Wessel LED Lighting Systems are innovators with LED Glass Edge Lighting. This enables us to provide you with a unique product that will complement your design and fit your budget.

Edge-lit glass shelves are a modern staple in many settings. From stylish retail shops to trendy bars and restaurants. Even for home, school and business applications.

In a retail setting, LED Glass Edge Lighting creates instant drama, with an edgy appeal that not only highlights the product, but can attract and entice customers as well. For home use, the same edge lighting highlights treasured art objects or adds a subtle glow to crystal and china. Edge-lit glass shelves in a commercial setting testify to impeccable taste, compliment modern design, accentuate a specific decor feature, or spotlight awards.

Why Choose LED Lighted Shelves?

LED shelves are just as beneficial as any other form of LED lighting solution. They are energy-efficient, cost-effective, eco-friendly, safe to use, versatile, and customizable.


As with standard LED bulbs, LED lighted shelves are energy efficient. They will last more than a decade and will work even after being repurposed for another installation if you decide to change it up.


These shelves can be used for as long as needed without hiking up energy costs making LED lighted shelves a very cost-effective way to play with the lighting in your space or bring attention to items in your shop.


LED-lit shelves are made of environmentally friendly materials. The lights are non-toxic and recyclable. So whether you’re intentionally eco-conscious or not, by opting for LED lights you’ll be helping the environment and reducing your footprint all while enjoying clean lighting.


These lights are also safe for extended periods of use. Any decor or products on the shelves will be safe from any heat damage. Go ahead and display photos and artwork as well, because they too, will be safe from damage. LED bulbs do not produce heat, making them the perfect option for display lighting.


LED shelving options can be incorporated into a variety of spaces and for numerous reasons. LED-lit shelves are a great choice for displaying products in a retail store, even a bar to highlight different products, in a home to direct attention to decor and photos, or even to add something extra to a room or space.

One reason why these shelving options are so versatile is that they are available in both floating and cabinet shelf styles. This makes LED shelves the perfect option for kitchen displays, photo and art displays, bar selections, and jewelry stores just to name a few. Depending on your needs or budget, LED lighted shelves are available in both glass and plexiglass as well.


Just like any other LED lighting option, LED shelves are available in various colors, tones, and multi-color options. They can also include added features such as dimming or flashing effects controlled with a remote. Wessel glass lighting can be made in different shapes and sizes as well, so if you want any branding or logos, or even pictures, we have you covered. If you want blue or green lights or to be able to switch between the rainbow at any time, you can have it. If you want a warm tone for one display and cool tone in another, you can have that too.


Installation of our LED lighted shelves is quick and easy. All of our LED shelves include the corresponding mounts and light strips, depending on whether you opt for the floating shelf or cabinet style.


LED-lit Floating Shelf


Installation for LED floating shelves is much like the installation of regular floating shelves. The first step in the installation process is to figure out where you want the shelves. Next, you’ll need to measure the wall you’ve chosen for your shelf. Measuring now will ensure you have the right-sized shelves and the correct number you will need to complete this project. Since Wessel LED lighted glass shelves don’t have regular wires or traditional cords, you don’t need to consider the ease of plug-in.

Once you have your shelves, before you drill, you’ll want to locate the studs in the wall that you want to mount your LED-lit shelf or shelves. If you can’t find studs, or if they aren’t in the place you desire, make sure you use anchors when installing the shelves. After you’ve located the studs, or have the anchors, measure out and mark on the wall where you will be drilling the holes. Drill the holes, then install the mount and the shelf.

LED Glass Edge Lighting


Different from floating shelves, edge-lit glass shelves will fit into cabinets or display case units in place of other shelves using the existing supports inside of the unit rather than needing mounting on a wall. Like with the floating shelves, however, you will need to measure the unit to ensure you get the correct sized shelf. Before placing the shelf into the unit, you’ll need to add the LED edge by sliding it over the back edge of the glass shelf.

Lighting is an important design element that can truly transform. Wherever the space or whichever style of shelving you choose, LED lighted shelves will certainly change both the shelving unit and space. With the correct tone and color, you can redesign the entire look and feel of your home, modernize an older cabinet or display case, or draw your customers’ attention. At Wessel, making sure you receive the perfect fit, style, and customizations you want is important to us. We want to help you achieve your lighting goals.