LED Lighted Glass Shelves

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LED Lighted Glass Shelves are an effective yet affordable way to be creative with your space while keeping costs low. It is common knowledge that any kind of light generally attracts the attention of the eyes, which makes light the best tool for design. Glass shelf lighting can be applied in various settings, both commercial and residential. They can be used as display lighting, as part of any space d├ęcor, for mood lighting purposes and much more.

There is no need for regular lighting wires usually required. This is achieved by the use of a laminating film, leaving nothing but pure brilliance across the glass panes. Wessel can provide LED glass lighting in various types of shapes and sizes. These include any form of branding examples, such as company signs and logos or even pictures of choice. They also come in a wide range of colors that can be programmed to become brighter, flashed or even dimmed at intervals. This can be easily controlled with an easy-to-use remote.

LED Lighted Glass Shelves are energy efficient ensuring this brilliant display can be left on for as long as the user needs it to be without worrying about cost. LED glass lighting can live as long as a decade and remain fully functional after this period of time. They can also be easily reused for another installation and maintain full functionality afterwards.

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