LED Dimmers & Switches

To ensure the best user experience, we provide quality dimmers & switches for total control over your LED lighting systems

LED Dimmers & Switches

Control is everything

Enjoy the power of dimmer controls and switches for whatever your mood, work-space, or special moment deserves. 

LED dimmers can quickly switch the feel from the bright atmosphere needed to increase workers’ productivity to a more relaxed and cozy ambiance for guests in hospitality settings.

We stock a variety of durable LED switches; the exquisite LED door switch to the fun touch-free LED switch, the sophisticated motion sensor switches, to the magnetic switches and more. We continue to add quality switches as they become available.

LED Touch Dimmer

We here at Wessel LED have affectionately nicknamed our LED Touch Dimmer the “Jedi Switch.” It can be mounted inside a cabinet, under a countertop, etc. Simply wave your hand over the switch’s hidden location and turn your lights on, then dim them, brighten them, or turn them off.
Touch switch with dimming function. Operates connected LED fixtures up to a maximum 30 W/12 VDC.

Multizone Wireless Remote

This Multizone Wireless Remote can control up to 4 different zones in the same area. For instance, have your toe-kick lighting on one channel, your under cabinet on another, puck lighting on a third, and your cove lighting on yet another. All four channels operate independently from one another so each can be dimmed, brightened, orturned on/off individually.

12/24 V/DC, multi-zone up to 4 zones
additional receiver:
Item No.: 20000919

Key Fob Dimmer

LED key fob dimmer with remote control

12V LED dimmer with on-off function, 8A / 96W
A convenient and economical way to control the light level of your LED lighting

Wireless Wall Dimmer

Wireless wall dimmer switch with dimming function to operate LED fixtures up to max. 96 W/12 VDC.

Recessed mounting, battery-powered

LED Door Switch

Door switch for LED lighting. Non-contact “on/off” switch. Switches rigid and flexible PCBs up to max. 30 W/ 12 VDC. Our LED Door Switch can either be surface mounted using included screws or recessed into a 13 mm hole. Activates when a door, drawer etc. is moved and turns off the light when drawer or door is shut.

Double Door Sensor Switch

A fabulous idea to switch cabinet or closet lights! As either door is opened, the Double Door Sensor Switch will switch on the light. Only when both doors are closed, the light will turn off.

Touch Dimmer Switch

This small Touch Dimmer Switch is activated by the touch of your fingertip. Simply tap the sensor, to turn your LED light on or off. Touch and hold the sensor for a second to dim the light up or down.

Touch free LED Switch

Touch Free LED Switch that activates light when a hand or object passes within 6” of the switches 10 degree beam. Switches rigid and flexible PCBs up to max. 30 W/ 12 VDC. Can be attached by screws (incl.) or recessed (d= 13 mm). Perfect for hospitals and food service industry.

Motion Sensor LED Switch

Motion activated switch (max. distance 4’- 6’  from switch). Automatically switches off after 45 sec. Switches rigid and flexible PCBs up to max 30 W/ 12 V/DC. Motion Sensor LED Switch can be attached by screws (incl.), or recessed (d=13 mm). A popular safety/night light.

Integrated Blue Touch Switch

Integrated Blue Touch Switch is a soft on/ off switch by direct touch of the blue LED sensor on the extrusion. Switches rigid and flexible PCB up to max. 25 W/ 12 VDC. 

LED Magnetic Switch

Just the thing for drawers and cabinets! The LED Magnetic Switch is mounted in the extrusion and the switch turns on your light as soon as it breaks contact with the tiny magnet mounted on your drawer or door. Shuts off when the drawer or door closes. This LED Magnetic Switch also works great with our LED Lighted Closet Rod to light up your dark closet automatically when you open the door.

Magnet activated on/off switch (operational distance 3/4″ – 1″). Switches rigid and flexible PCB up to max. 25 W/ 12 VDC.


LED lights are growing in popularity, offering reduction in energy consumption, longer-lasting bulbs and bright lighting. For 99% of people, LED light sensitivity won’t be an issue.

LED dimmers are great for office lighting, living room lighting, basement lighting, kitchen lighting and so much more. Available as touch dimmers, key fobs, wireless, and more, LED dimmers are becoming an essential item in LED lighting packages. Our clients prefer them, as they make the switch to LED from traditional fluorescents easier and more functional.

Why is control so important you might ask? Well, it just makes sense to use a product that can increase productivity, maximize savings, create mood (mood lighting) and be flexible, as opposed to having lighting that remains fixed as is throughout the day. 

It is important to purchase the right LED dimmer from a high-quality manufacturer to ensure a long-lasting product with the best possible performance. Wessel LED creates quality dimmers that provide an enjoyable lighting experience. You deserve to be able to have maximum control over your LED environment.

Regardless of your lighting choice – whether it’s ranging from dimmer LED lighting, under cabinet lighting, puck lighting, or hospitality lighting Wessel LED ensures you get to control your fixtures with quality switches right from the same quality source. 

Our touch-free light switch is exactly as the name implies. It does not require contact before activating a light source. The light is activated when an object passes within a few inches of the beam. The LED door switch activates when a door or drawer is opened and turns off the light when the drawer or door closes. The double door switch (which is great for cabinets or closet doors) also activates the lights when the doors are opened and turns them off again once closed. All switch descriptions are complete with effective range, maximum load and working voltage to ensure you can identify the type of switch that would be perfect for your needs.