LED Glass Edge Lighting Fixture – Plastic

The illumination of glass – for LED display lighting or LED lighted glass shelves – requires a precision manufacturing technique. Wessel LED Lighting Systems are innovators with LED Glass Edge Lighting. This enables us to provide you with a unique product that will compliment your design and fit your budget.

Edge-lit glass shelves are a modern staple in many settings. From stylish retail shops to trendy bars and restaurants. Even for home, school and business applications.

In a retail setting, LED Glass Edge Lighting creates instant drama, with an edgy appeal that not only highlights the product, but can attract and entice customers as well. For home use, the same edge lighting highlights treasured art objects or adds a subtle glow to crystal and china. Edge-lit glass shelves in a commercial setting testify to impeccable taste, compliment modern design, accentuate a specific decor feature, or spotlight awards.

This unique product mounts efficiently to the back edge of glass and is barely visible. Sleek and energy-efficient, it transmits LED illumination efficiently to the front and side edges of glass or plexiglass. Engineered by Wessel LED Lighting Systems as the latest innovation in a lineup of creative solutions for stunning display lighting, the glass edge lighting is unique and affordable, lowers total energy consumption and reduces costs.

Precision manufactured, it can be installed on 3/8-3/16″ glass, mounted with a narrow, barely visible silver plastic extrusion that slides onto the back of the shelf. The light is transmitted to the sides and front, allowing each edge to catch and spread the light. Each treated surface, whether pencil grind or frosted, emits a soft, stunning glow. The lighting system is available in lengths up to 8 feet.

LED Glass Edge Lighting joins the full line of Wessel display lighting systems and adds another option to your lighting repertoire.

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0.55" x 0.94"