No matter if you are designing a nook that needs a little light or the grand entrance of a luxury hotel that needs an exclamation point!

The Wessel LED lighting design team works hard to create a unique balance of aesthetically pleasing designs that are both cost effective, energy efficient and artistic.

We are able to achieve this for our clientele by actually listening to and understanding the needs of our clients. As a result, we invest quality time in the consultation process to ensure client ideas are brought to life, only better! We work hand in hand with the client for effective commercial lighting design outcomes within budget and on time. Our goal is to create beautifully designed spaces with the right atmosphere that will keep customers loyal and coming back for more.

We work with restaurants, corporate spaces, shopping malls, museums, art galleries, event centers and other commercial establishments to create the ambiance that makes businesses successful through the use of professionally designed lighting plans. We realize each project is different in terms of needs, space, budget and more. Thus, we strive to give you the best commercial lighting plan that can meet your lighting objectives at the price that is right for your pocket.

Wessel LED understands that lighting should always be more than just functional. Lighting has the power to lift moods, enhance productivity and create whatever ambiance is required for the lighted space. Without experience and professional guidance, we can safely say none of this is possible.

Regardless of ambiance required, the space eccentricities, specific needs and general lighting goals, Wessel LED can make it happen. Give your business the boost it deserves today, leverage on our professional commercial lighting design experience to get more attention and keep it too. Call us now! (682) 990-4200

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