Outdoor LED Lighting For Your Summer Backyard

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Energy-efficient LED lights can be a great addition to your porch, patio, or outdoor living room. Explore five different ways to use LEDs outside and why it’s a smart idea to switch.

Why Use LED Lighting Outside?

LED lights use, on average, half as much electricity as incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs. Since they’re directional, there’s less wasted light. This allows you to amplify the intensity of light while using fewer lights, further conserving resources. An LED will last between 30,000 and 50,000 hours, or 30 to 50 times the lifespan of an incandescent bulb. While these lights cost more, their longevity and lower energy use makes them competitive from a cost perspective. You’ll also enjoy knowing you’re reducing your environmental impact.

Best Outdoor LED Lighting Styles

Outdoor LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights promote safety when used on pathways, patios, and decks. These lights work well to outline edges of paths, stairs, garden beds, and more. You’ll enjoy knowing exactly where a path ends or a step begins, and guests won’t worry about tripping after an outdoor dinner party at your house. The array of styles and colors of LED strip lights allows you to create a unique ambiance and express your personality.

LED Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting accents your home, trees, and garden to show off your house’s best features through the night. LEDs are a wonderful choice for landscape lighting because they’re extremely energy-efficient and deliver focused or directed light (instead of shining light in all directions). Get the effect you want while saving on energy costs by switching to LEDs in the yard and garden.

Smart LED Lights

Smart LED lights connect to smart home systems, enabling technology-aided outdoor lighting control. For instance, imagine driving home in the winter to find your driveway automatically illuminated, or adjusting the light for an outdoor dinner party from your smartphone. You’ll need a home automation system to really take advantage of smart LED lights, but if you do, you’ll reduce energy costs while enjoying the perks of home automation.

Solar Lights

Solar LED lights combine the benefits of LED light bulbs with solar power. These lights soak up the sun’s energy during the day to shine at night, so you need full sun exposure to implement these. Solar lights can be functional when used to illuminate your home or path, or whimsical when used in a decorative manner (say, in sculptural lights).

LED String Lights

String lights are popular for porches and patios, as well as for holiday lighting displays. String light styles include balls, bulbs, and novelty shapes. Since LED string lights are not made from glass, they’re less likely to break. If you’ve ever struggled to connect multiple strands of holiday lights only to blow the wall socket when you plug in, you’ll appreciate LEDs. You can connect up to 25 strands of LED string lights end-to-end without overloading the socket.

As these example show, LED lighting advances make it possible for you to do more in the home and outside while lowering your costs and showcasing your sustainable style. Follow us on Instagram for more lighting design inspiration.