Upgrade Your Office with LED Lighting

Updating office lighting from fluorescent to LED is not only good for the environment or the bottom line, it can have surprising benefits in the workplace. Learn the benefits of choosing LEDs for office and find out which LED styles work best in the typical office setting.

Benefits of LEDs in the Office

Save Money and Energy

If you use LED or CFL (compact fluorescent) lights at home, you may already know the benefits of energy saving light bulbs. The bulbs burn at a lower wattage than conventional incandescent light bulbs, so they consume fewer kilowatts of electricity while providing a comparable amount of light. You can enjoy energy savings over 75 percent by switching to an LED bulb, which translates directly to lower utility bills.

Long-Lasting Light

An LED light can last up to five times as long as a CFL bulb, or as much as 50,000 hours. The best CFLs can only last 10,000 hours. While LED lights cost more than CFLs, their lifespan more than returns the extra investment. In a business setting, maintenance crews will save time replacing burned-out bulbs, operating more efficiently.

Instant Brightness

If you’ve ever used a CFL, or a traditional fluorescent, bulb around the workplace, you’ll know the light can be weak when first turned on. It may take a few minutes for a CFL bulb to deliver maximum output, which is inefficient.

LEDs power up to maximum brightness instantly, so there’s no lag time. When staff can get right to work enjoying sufficient lighting, they can be more productive. LED lights also come with a dimmer capacity, so you can adjust the intensity of light as needed, customizing the work environment by task at hand.

Increased Productivity

We’ve already touched upon a few of the ways LEDs boost productivity. In addition to powering on quickly and requiring less maintenance, LEDs do not flicker. Flickering from fluorescent lights may induce migraines in some staff members, straining employee productivity.

Since LEDs produce steady levels of light, workers will experience less eye strain. A Cornell University study found that 24 percent of employees reported loss of work for one week out of the year (or 2 percent productivity drop) due to eye strain.

The study suggested that switching to LED lighting in the office would increase staff productivity by approximately 3 to 5 percent. Not only will staff be more efficient, you’ll notice better moods, less fatigue, and fewer headaches as instances of eye strain decrease.

Choosing Energy Saving Light Bulbs for the Office

If you’ve already invested in overhead fluorescents, LED Panel Lights are a great solution. Existing overhead lighting systems can be easily retrofitted with these energy-efficient LEDs. To make the switch, choose from a 2-by-2 or 2-by-4 size, then replace the old fluorescent bulbs with the LED models.

You’ll also find specialized LED lights for use in office buildings. For instance, parking lot lights help employees safely navigate the parking garage, while wall packs illuminate stairwells.

Select the right style of office lighting and make the switch today to conserve energy, boost productivity, and enjoy all the great benefits LEDs offer.