LED Landscape Lighting

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When considering appropriate LED landscape lighting, you’ll want to consider warm and vibrant colors, as well as shapes, depth, dimensions and textures. The more your landscape lighting emulates nature, the more it can brighten the usefulness of our outdoor space.

Here are some questions you will need to ask yourself before you decide to use LED landscape lighting.

How will your landscape lighting work when it is dark?

Is it primarily landscape that will be viewed from inside the home, or are you going to work on an area that will be used by the family for sports, dining, or other recreation?

What can you afford?

It’s a wise idea to plan ahead before you dive in. What materials will you need? Who will do the install? What are the costs? Will you need to bring in more sprinkler heads, drip lines, or electricity? Are you going to need to install walkways, pathways or decking? The more complex the project, the more you may want to consider doing it in stages so that each section when complete, provides a function or view that will look as if the job is complete even though there is more to be done.

What, if any, is the deadline?

Are you planning a garden party for a particular holiday? Make sure you have all of your materials and labor lined up with plenty of time to spare. This will ensure that things go off without a hitch even if your plans do hit a few snags.

What are your future needs?

You will want to consider the long term functionality of the lighting system you choose. You may need to add or delete fixtures or move them in order to accommodate for things like plants’ growth. You may want to have fixtures that are flexible to accepting lamps of different beam spread and/or wattage. Similarly, you may want lighting fixtures that are flexible with time of year and seasons, such as colored lighting.