LED Maintenance

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Generally, LED lighting requires very little maintenance. This is one of the essential advantages of LEDs over more customary lighting choices. Be that as it may, there are a couple of basic steps which can be taken to keep up the quality and life of your LED lighting systems

Proper Install

Most LED products are easy to install. They come manufactured with simple to use adhesive mounting fixtures. To guarantee that the LED glue stays secure for the life of the item, surfaces must be free of dust and dirt prior to install. Harsh surfaces should be sanded, while polished surfaces may need a quick cleaning using rubbing alcohol. Also, use prudent planning regarding placement of your fixture, as repositioning is not recommended as it will make the adhesive less effective.

Set and Forget

A lot of LED products contain fragile, intricate parts which can easily break if not handled carefully. With this is mind, your fixtures should be installed away from high traffic areas to avoid any possible accidents.

Limit Moisture Exposure

LED systems can only handle light moisture such as steam or light splatters. Excessive water can cause your fixtures to break. If your fixtures do happen to get wet, quickly dry them with a soft cloth or paper towel.

Check Connections

Normal every day use and the accompanying wear and tear may cause the connection points in your LED systems to come loose. If suddenly your fixtures flicker or fail to come on at all, check and safely tighten all of your connections.

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