Choosing the Ideal LED Bulb

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It should be intuitive that your lighting choices need to be unique and individualized based on the purpose of each particular room and space. LED technology has the capability of making all of your work and/or home space not only comfortable, but functional, safe, efficient and environment friendly.

Light bulbs work similarly to sunlight in that the light emitted from them actually emits real energy! Lightbulbs that release blue light waves produce serotonin, which is a chemical that acts as a neurotransmitter to our brain, helping us stay alert and focused! Conversely, bulbs that do not emit blue light waves have our brains produce melatonin, which causes opposite effects on our brains i.e. drowsiness and sleepiness.

A common misconception in lighting is that brightness is a function of watts. This is false. Watts gauge energy usage. Brightness is measured in “lumens”.

When we consider possible bedroom lighting choices, we imagine a calming, serene and peaceful environment, conducive to a good night’s sleep or winding down from a stressful day’s activities. Avoiding bulbs that emit blue light waves will induce the melatonin release in our brain that we already addressed, and assist the adjusting of our bodies to a rest state. LED lighting in the range of 1500-4k in lumens is ideal for bedroom use, and will also suit most living rooms for similar reasons.

For home office use, we need to maximize productivity. Cool-white lights that replicate daylight also work with our natural brain function of increased serotonin flow to keep us concentrating, alert and full of energy. LED desk lamps are ideal in this space as well, as they have the ability to change color temperature to suit the task at hand. For your home office space, we suggest LED lighting in the range of 3-6k lumens, which is also compatible for dining rooms.

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