9 Bright Ideas on LED Lighting for Restaurants and Bars

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LED lighting is taking over the global market, with a projected 60% of the population estimated to switch over by 2020. With so many people choosing LED lighting, the options for fixtures are now reaching new levels of function and design.

If you’re running a restaurant or bar, you know that ambience is a key factor in guest experience. LED lighting can bring you a whole new set of possibilities to light your place and set the mood, all while saving you money in the process.

Read on for our 9 bright ideas on LED lighting for restaurants and bars.

1. LED Lighting is an Investment

Switching to LED lighting is saving the average home about $1000 in energy costs over a ten-year period. If average homeowners are saving that much, imagine what LED can do on a larger scale for your bar or restaurant.

If you’re willing to make an investment up front, you can immediately start saving on your monthly energy bills. You’ll also enjoy choosing from the numerous options for LED lighting for restaurants and bars.

2. Integrate Your Lighting with Your Restaurant’s Setup

Lighting for restaurants and bars should almost seem as if it were part of the building’s architectural design. The proper areas to illuminate should be carefully considered, as they have a big impact on the overall function and ambience of your establishment.

For example, there should be lights above every dining table, as well as the host’s stand, hallways, and restroom areas. When choosing your LED lighting for your bar or restaurant, be sure to take these areas into account in order to have a functional, beautiful setup.

3. Match Your Lighting with Your Decor

Choose lighter colors for areas that are illuminated by your lights, such as table tops, wall art, and even your menus. Keeping these areas light helps them reflect the light rather than absorbing it, which can lead to visibility issues and other problems.

Try to stay away from shiny or glossy surfaces, such as glass and varnishes, as these can create a glare and be harsh on the eyes.

4. Upgrade to a 2-Circuit Track for Versatility

If you’re seeking lighting for restaurants and bars that is highly adaptable, consider using a 2-circuit track system to control your lights. This will provide you with the ability to control two different sets of lights, such as one for daytime and one for nighttime service.

5. Control All Other Sources of Light

In order to get the most out of your lighting for restaurants and bars, make sure you are controlling all other sources of light that can interfere with your ambience. Invest in good window treatments to keep the sun out (or outdoor lights at night). Be sure to also create barriers for brighter-lit areas, as these can cause light pollution in more dimly-lit sections of the restaurant.

6. Try Colored Lighting for Restaurants and Bars

With LED lighting for restaurants and bars, you don’t have to stick to white or yellow lights in your bar and dining area. LED lights come in a variety of colors for a unique look that can be modern, funky, or classy. You can purchase different bulbs or use LED color controllers to get the look you want to achieve.

7. Get Creative With Restaurant Light Fixtures

When choosing LED lighting for restaurants and bars, you don’t have to stick with the conventional choices. There are a ton of unique options out there that can add ambiance and make your establishment stand out against the others.

Since LED far surpasses halogen in terms of options and flexibility, you’re sure to find some creative displays that are perfect for your setup. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  1. Slim accent and decor lights are an elegant and modern way to add accent lighting for restaurants and bars. They can be used to highlight the host stand, illuminate the back of the bar, or just about anywhere else you can imagine.
  2. LED lighted shelves bring an ambient glow to your product displays, highlighting your best selections and making them the focal point for your guests. These are especially great to have behind the bar, as they light up your liquor display and make your mid-shelf and top-shelf products highly visible. They also add accent lighting to the area.
  3. LED strip lights are a unique and unexpected choice of lighting for restaurants and bars. They are fully customizable and add wonderfully colorful mood lighting to your establishment.

By thinking outside the box with LED in your restaurant lighting designs, you create a visually interesting atmosphere that your guests are sure to love. Don’t be afraid to get creative if you want to take your mood lighting to the next level.

8. Use Varying LED Fixtures

Just as different areas of your bar or restaurant serve different purposes, you should be switching up your lighting to suit that purpose. Instead of featuring uniform halogen or fluorescent lights throughout, try using LED lighting for restaurants and bars that is designed for the various tasks of the restaurant industry.

For example, choose darker, moodier lighting for your bar area (if you have one). Then go for ambient lighting in the dining room. Finally, choose brighter lights in work areas, such as the kitchen or ticket counters.

9. Stay Consistent with Your Brand

At the end of the day, you want your restaurant LED lighting to be consistent with the image of your establishment. For example, if you’re more of a unique, artistic, or experimental place, you’re going to want to break away from the traditional lighting for restaurants and bars. Instead of basic, sophisticated lighting, you should choose LED lighting with a little more edge.

On the other hand, if you’re aiming towards a more formal setting with conservative clientele, you probably want to keep things minimal. Luckily, there is LED lighting for restaurants and bars that can suit whatever mood you’re trying to achieve.

The Future is Bright for LED

The world of LED lighting is rapidly growing, with new designs bringing cost-savings and ambiance that traditional halogen lighting can’t beat. If you’re looking to invest in mood lighting for restaurants and bars, now is a great time to do it.

Contact us today to learn more about transforming your restaurant’s ambiance with LED lighting.