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LED Color Controller

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LED lighting gives users several options in terms of color and temperature. Users may choose from regular white LED light bulbs to one with thousands of colored nodes. Wessel LED offers customers a wide range of LED color controller systems to ensure the ideal color for every space is achieved regardless of lighting requirements or ambiance desired. Color control can be applied to both conventional residential LED lighting and building-wide LED covering displays. Controllers can come in various packages such as touchscreens, dimmers, smartphones, and more.

The traditional means of color control is usually by switching off and on in a bid to lighten or darken a space. Dimming is also a traditional way of color controlling where such features are available. It can help achieve the required mood and cut down on energy used. LED lighting is generally more “intelligent” than regular lighting fixtures. For one thing, users can automate control. Required color temperature can be achieved with a single touch. It is possible to program LED lighting to create dynamic displays that bring to life any space of choice. LED color control can be seamlessly integrated with several types of systems for an all-immersive, breathtaking experience. LED color controllers can even be combined with audio systems to create the perfect blend of mood, sophistication and fun, while keeping energy consumption low, regardless of the occasion.

LED color controllers can be used effectively in the workplace to increase productivity and customer engagement while lowering overhead costs. It provides users with flexibility, ensuring stunning or passive transformation all at the touch of a button, no technical knowledge required. Change hospital spaces to feel warmer, transform a birthday party space, give tourists a more powerful experience at the museum, add video content to speeches or plays, keep spaces secure with sensors that increase LED temperature with proximity, get a warm LED temperature reading on demand at any time, anywhere, any day; no extra fixture installation necessary.

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