You’ll See the Light: The Latest LED Lighting Trends (2019 and Beyond)

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It’s no secret LED lighting technology is in high demand in the lighting industry this year. LED lighting technology provides more efficiency, generate less heat and energy and make better sources of light for the environment.

As you can see, LED’s have their benefits. In 2019 we see a host of new lighting trends in residential and commercial design.

These lighting trends and technologies are causing homeowners, renters and builders to want to switch to LED lighting systems.

Consumers and business owners appreciate their modern innovation and want to conserve energy for their homes and commercial spaces.

And with the demand for LED lighting comes the variety of innovative possibilities for lighting engineers to bring products and ideas to market.

Want to know what’s hot in LED lighting technology for 2019 and beyond? In this article, we’ll introduce you to the latest trends you need to know about.

Let’s shed some light on LED lighting!

What Is LED Lighting?

LED lighting is energy saving and has a longer life than other lighting technologies. Manufacturers design the lights with solid materials without fragile filaments.

To add, LED lamps don’t require time to warm up like former lights; They light immediately. LED’s are gentle on the environment. They use less energy and don’t operate using hazardous elements such as mercury.

High Efficiency, Lower Cost

In the evolution of LED innovation, the light LEDs generate has increased 20 times as the decade before that. Today, we see optical and mechanical designs paired with efficient LED packages and more effective electronic drivers.

2019 LED Lighting Trends in Demand

Ready for the trends? Here’s what’s new in lighting trends this year.

Trend #1: More Lights in the Home

Since LEDs contain a longer shelf life than other technologies, homeowners put lamps in more spaces around the home than before.

With little concern for replacing bulbs, you’ll see them on shelves using ropes and LED tape, in small spaces and nooks in homes and outdoor spaces.

This year more people place lighting in closets, staircases, and corners to light up their spaces. The LED strips are able to be cut to the appropriate size, then glued down with self-adhesive tape.

Trend #2: Smart Technology Takes the Stage

Fixtures are using more smart LED technology. One example is the indoor positioning systems used with indoor lighting. These operate by emitting high-frequency modulation signals that travel through the LED.

Smartphones such as iPhones and Android phones pick up these signals and give the exact location of customers in the building.

If your store or home contains an outdoor wireless control system. They can monitor your fixtures through remote technology via a web-powered central management system.

This system gathers data from cameras and sensors to operate. How cool is that! You can even control your lights with your voice as well as with tablets, mobile switches or your smartphone.

No need for a traditional light switch. Change the mood for the occasion and control your environment in a snap.

Trend #3: A Medley of Colors Awaits You

Did you know that you can create multiple colors with LEDs? Gone are the days of the traditional white LED lamps with heavy blush tones

In fact, you can generate the entire RGB color system. RGB stands for the color spectrum that makes millions of color using the colors of red, green and blue.

It’s a great way to bring more color to your living or commercial space. Experiment indoors or outdoors in a garden or exterior entertaining area.

The colors offer an appealing variety of warm and cool hues and tones, but they still produce high-efficiency levels.

You’ll get a better red band performance with richer picture quality, widening color ranges for backlit displays and sharper, defined color.

Trend #4: Light Good for the Body and Mind

Imagine waking to a delightful warm sunrise every morning when you get out of bed. While that might be possible if you live in Florida, when you live in a cooler or cloudy climate it might not be an option.

With LED lighting you can create a color system that mirrors the sunrise. This might help you rise and shine more easily.

The LED technology is increasingly being merged with scientifically based human-centric approaches to boost concentration and compliment sleeping patterns.

Trend #5. Revive Your Space with Retro

It’s human nature to crave styles from another era. If you saw the Woody Allen movie “Midnight in Paris” you’ll remember when Owen Wilson’s character falls in love with the 1920s world he enters after dark.

People love nostalgia from other ages and desire them in lighting design. But they also expect the modern functionality and efficiency of modern technology.

As lighting technologist mix retro and vintage lamp designs with today’s efficiency, they can still enjoy the best of past and present with timeless charm in indoor lighting design grounded in contemporary LED technology.

6. Light Up the Garden

Another lighting trend this year is outdoor LED lighting. Designer showrooms present luminaires scattered through outdoor spaces and indoor and outdoor gardens.

It’s not just a pretty picture to admire viewing your illuminated garden. It’s a safer environment for your family to walk through.

Using LED lamps that match your preferred design style and luminaires make a great addition to you or your customer’s garden.

LED Lighting Trends Revisited

Now you know the latest LED lighting trends for 2019 and beyond. LED lamps and lighting technology provide innovative technology that’s good for the planet.

LED tech is being used in more residential construction and commercial interior and exterior design every day, saving both professionals and homeowners money.

Thinking of investing in an LED lighting system? Contact us today. Check out more articles on smart lighting, or download our catalog to see our LED products.