Wessel LED Lighting Systems loves our direct customers!

No matter if you are a seasoned industry professional redecorating the homestead or if you are completely new and don’t even know what LED stands for, our staff is here to help.

What is the right light color for you? Do they just plug into the wall? Can I get them in any size? What if I want them to dim? Or change colors? All common questions asked by the everyday new customers and answered by Wessel LED’s knowledgeable staff.

Voltage, wattage, Load Calculations, are just a few MORE things new customers are confronted with when looking to save money and go green. You could google and guess OR you can call Wessel LED Lighting system’s lighting professional to get the right information, right now.

We are experienced in working with people just like you and a ready to put our experience to help you save money, look good, and go green. Let us do the leg work and figure out exactly what you need to make your home or building more energy efficient.

Call, email, or come by our showroom. No job too big, no job too small, see for yourself how bright and affordable luxury is when you work with Wessel LED Lighting Systems for your custom lighting needs.

Need a designer, contractor, installer? Ask about Wessel LED Lighting Systems referral program and connect with a professional in your area who is a Wessel LED Certified to do the job right!

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