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Brighten Your Home With Under Cabinet LED Lighting

Hardwired Under Cabinet LED Lighting is a popular interior lighting choice for homeowners looking to enhance the look and feel of their spaces, without spending a fortune on installation or electricity. Whether mounted beneath kitchen cabinets, along the top of your bathroom mirror, or anywhere else indoors, under cabinet lighting is sure to add both warmth and brightness to your home, all while increasing its resale value. LED Under Cabinet Strip Lights are an especially good choice for homeowners looking to add light in hard-to-reach places. These under cabinet light fixtures can be installed seamlessly beneath cabinets, along window frames, and even over or under household appliances to illuminate your living space. In kitchens and bathrooms, a simple strip of LED cabinet lighting can add depth by giving the appearance that your ceiling is higher than it actually is!

At Wessel LED Lighting Systems, we believe that every home can benefit from the aesthetic and functionality of Under Cabinet LED Lighting. Thankfully, depending on your home and needs, there is a variety of lighting types to choose from.

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Ideal for cabinet or cove lighting due to its curved, opaque lens that diffuses light evenly across objects. Mounts with double-sided tape.

Modern profile light popular in bathrooms that comes with an opaque diffuser. Its large size makes it perfect for various applications including under cabinet lighting, ambient lighting, etc.

Flexible and rigid LED light strips made of surface-mounted diodes (SMDs). Strip lights come in complete reels or custom lengths allowing for full personalization in hard-to-reach places.

A multi-purpose and sleek surface-mounted LED light fixture perfect for display, home office, or kitchen lighting.

Unlike other LED lighting options, the 45 degree angled surface mount is an extruding light fixture designed to illuminate interior cabinet spaces evenly and to prevent exterior glare by completely shielding the light source. Mounts with double-sided tape or magnetic tape.

This custom-made fixture is perfect for jewelry or artistic display cases. Preferred by store owners when combined with Wessel LED Display Lighting to provide an impressive, brilliant light that complements diamonds and other gemstones.

A light fixture with many functions. LED Cabinet Lights can be used for under cabinet lighting, drawer lighting, mirror lighting, or headboard lighting.

An opaque polystyrene extrusion light that can be mounted virtually anywhere. Mounts with double-sided tape.

A light fixture with many functions. LED Cabinet Lights can be used for under cabinet lighting, drawer lighting, mirror lighting, or headboard lighting.

Wider than LED extrusions, this double light allows for two LED strips to be installed, doubling the brightness available.

Brushed nickel, dimmable and rounded LED lights that can be recessed or surface-mounted.

Choosing the perfect fixture for your home

Under Cabinet Lighting Systems come in a variety of installation types, from hardwired or direct-wire light fixtures, to wireless models, or even plug-in lighting requiring direct connection to a power outlet. LED under cabinet direct wire lighting offers the most customizability due to its lack of cords and cables, but oftentimes requires an expert electrician for installation. On the other hand, direct wire or plug-in lighting is simpler to install, but requires a nearby 120 volt outlet and time out of your day to properly set up. The best time to install wiring for under cabinet lighting is during a home remodeling before walls are covered with drywall, but by carefully following these step-by-step wiring plans, you may be able to install your very own LED under cabinet lighting with little practice and almost no visible damage to the walls. 

The three main types of LED under cabinet lighting are light bars, puck lights, and strip lights

LED Light Bars offer the most professional, uniform look and are especially common in kitchens where they can be mounted beneath cabinets and countertops. Light bars have a slim profile, which makes them an excellent choice for areas with tight corners or underneath L-shaped cabinets. These lights can also be linked to each other using daisy chain connectors or cables so that your entire lighting system can be controlled from a single light switch. 

Puck Lights, with a diameter of only 1-4 inches, are the preferred choice for interior designers as they create a “pooling” effect that adds more precise lighting to an area. While these lights are smaller in size, they still emit as much brightness as traditional light sources, creating an effect that can be too dramatic if not intentionally placed. However, these lights offer the added benefit of being battery powered, lowering their purchase cost and energy consumption compared to other LED under cabinet fixtures. Puck lights are also ideal for inside closets, bookcases, bathrooms, and cupboards. 

Strip Lights or Tape Lights are the third and most affordable easy-to-install option with a shallow profile, allowing for more versatility in where they’re placed. Strip lights can be mounted to the underside of virtually any surface and cut down or connected together into customizable sizes to fit hard-to-reach areas such as drawers and deep cabinets. These lights are also a popular choice for outdoor decks and walkways.

One characteristic about LED under cabinet lighting that sets it apart from traditional wired lighting options is the ease of adjustability and range of custom settings. Most under cabinet lights can be paired with dimmer switches and color customizers fully operated from your cell phone. Dimmer controls allow you to adjust the light levels in a room to create ambiance – lower lighting for a cozy atmosphere during friend or family gatherings, or brighter lighting to make tasks like cooking or cleaning a breeze. Setting the color temperature of your LED under cabinet lighting will have a direct effect on the look and feel of your space as well. Measured in Kelvin (K), there are three common ranges:

Warm Light: 2700K - 3000K

Cool White: 3000K - 5000K

Daylight: 5000K - 6500K

Kitchen spaces tend to look best with cool white light, as any setting below 3000K mutes human color perception and could interfere with food preparation. On the other hand, lighting above 4000K tends to become too bright, clashing with the natural lighting available through windows or in other warmer home spaces.

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