LED Switches

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To ensure an even better user experience right down to control, Wessel provides quality LED switches for total control over your LED lighting systems.

Regardless of your lighting choice ranging from dimmer LED lighting, under cabinet lighting, puck lighting, hospitality lighting, bay lighting etc., Wessel LED ensures you get to control your fixtures with quality switches right from the same quality source. We stock a variety of durable LED switches; from the exquisite LED door switch to the fun touch-free LED switch, the sophisticated motion sensor switches, magnetic switches and more. And we will continue to add quality switches as they become available.

The touch free light switch is as the name implies. It does not require contact before activating a light source. The light is activated when an object passes within a few inches of the beam. The LED door switch activates when a door or drawer is opened and turns off the light when the drawer or door is shut. The double door switch (which by the way is great for cabinets or closet doors) also activates the lights when the doors are opened and turns them off once closed. All switch descriptions are complete with effective range, maximum load and working voltage to ensure you can identify the type of switch that would be perfect for your needs before purchasing.

The Wessel LED company goal is the provision of quality LED lighting at great prices for all of our clients. As a result, we ensure we retail a variety of quality LED lights and components so our customers are spoiled for choice regardless of d├ęcor, style or typical lighting needs. We are happy to have succeeded in providing energy saving, affordable lighting for our clients as per our goal.

Purchase quality; choose Wessel LED lighting systems today.