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Looking to pay less money lighting up your home or business space? LED is definitely the way to go LED bulbs are up to 80% more energy efficient than traditional bulbs ensuring you keep more of your hard-earned cash in your pocket month after month. And that’s not the only good news; they also produce far less heat. This can increase productivity in the work place and ensure ambience required in space of use can easily be achieved without increased humidity being a distraction.

LED Bulbs also come in warm white and even daylight color temperatures so bulbs can easily be replaced without wreaking havoc on your perfectly planned décor. LED bulbs are ecologically friendly and can last a very long time; LED bulbs’ lifetime can be as much as 20 times the traditional bulb, ensuring exponential savings for you.

LED Bulbs are definitely a cleaner alternative to traditional fluorescent lamps while producing an even better light quality. When shopping for LED bulbs, you should consider the bulb color temperature which determines how light emanating from the bulb would look. The bulb Lumens value should also be considered based on the space you will need it for. (Lumens value measures light given out by the bulb. Note that in comparison with the incandescent wattages, an average of 1/5 the regular incandescent value would be just about right.)

Regardless of your LED bulb needs, we are certain to deliver. You can depend on us to light your home or workspace with quality LED bulbs so you can enjoy huge savings and all the good things LED usage brings. Let’s light up your way. Shop Wessel LED today.