Light Up Your Outdoor Space With LED Bulbs

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The season of being outside is here, but when it comes to creating an amazing outdoor space to enjoy the warmer weather, lighting is key.

The last thing you want when you’re trying to enjoy a fun night outside with friends or family, or if you’re trying to relax, are lights that aren’t sustainable, aren’t able to handle the elements, or that bring out every insect that lives in your yard.

Let us help you understand how to choose the right LED bulbs to use to make your outdoor space work for you.

Why You Should Choose LED Bulbs to Use Outside

When it comes to the world of light, not all bulbs are equal, and not all bulbs are safe to use outside. Many light bulbs are not equipped to operate while being exposed to things like fluctuating temperatures, rain or snow, but, LED bulbs are safe to use outside.

If you’re looking for outdoor lighting, it makes sense to opt for LED bulbs. They are safe for outdoor use, but also have other benefits. LED light bulbs are better for the environment, more efficient, last longer, and attract fewer bugs, so choosing to use LED lights in your outdoor space seems like the most obvious choice.

Best Colored Bulb For Your Bug-Free Outdoor Space

Many people are attracted to LED bulbs for their crisp, bright appearance, but the cool-toned, white, almost blue lights may not be the best choice if you don’t want an insect-infested night. Since LED bulbs come in a variety of colors, there is a solution: warm-toned bulbs.

Warm-toned LED bulbs have been found to attract the fewest bugs because they don’t emit UV rays and generate little heat, meaning that you can have them on without every insect in town running toward your space. This isn’t to say that you won’t see bugs throughout the night, but you won’t experience the swarms around your lighting with warm-toned LED bulbs.

The color of LED bulbs is described in degrees Kelvin. Warmer-toned bulbs will have 2500 Kelvin and brighter, cool-toned LEDs will be higher at 5000 Kelvin.

Which LED Bulbs to Use

When picking out the specific bulbs to use, it really depends on your personal tastes and needs. Luckily, there are so many types of LED bulbs to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect kind regardless of what lifestyle you have.

For all of those tech-savvy people with smart homes, smart LED bulbs are a great option. There are color-changing bulbs, cool and warm-toned styles, and even Edison styled LED bulbs that are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

If smart bulbs aren’t the route you want to take, you can use standard LED bulbs or string light versions. There are so many styles of LED bulbs that you’ll be able to find the kind you want.

LED light bulbs are a great choice for your home, both inside and out, it’s time we all start incorporating these environmental friendly bulbs into all of our lighting needs.