LED Lighting & Solar: A Perfect Pair for your Outdoor Lighting

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Solar lights and LEDs are a natural pairing in the outdoors, where lights can capture solar energy then shine brightly all night. Since solar lights run themselves using power they’ve generated, they offer greater energy savings. With summer coming up, explore the benefits of choosing solar powered LED lighting for the yard and garden.

The Benefits of Solar LED Landscape Lighting

As the cost of solar panels has come down, solar lighting has become smaller and cheaper, which is welcome news for consumers. Whereas once solar lights were too expensive for the majority of consumers, now most people can invest in solar path lights that provide ongoing light along their home’s walkways and quickly recoup the costs of what they spent.

An LED lighting system is even more cost effective when you think of solar power. LEDs consume the least amount of energy over other types of lights, at 80 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs.

Whether it’s energy from the grid or from the sun, LEDs run cheaper and longer than either incandescent or CFL lighting. With solar power, this means the LED light will burn longer from the same amount of stored solar energy than would any other type of bulb. When you think of it this way, LED solar lighting offers double savings.

Many solar LED lights can be programed, whether it’s specific colors or where and when to shine light. This lets you customize the outdoor lighting to meet your precise needs or create a desired effect.

Homeowners can enjoy cost savings with LED garden lighting that contains a built-in solar cell or by investing in solar panels for the home and pairing these with an LED lighting system.

In some parts of the country, peak demand for energy causes summer blackouts, which can leave you without power when you need it most. If you’ve got solar lighting in the yard, you are covered during a blackout. You’ll be able to see your way around the yard until the power is restored. This can help keep you safe (so you avoid obstacles) and let you get things done, whether it’s grilling dinner on your barbecue or taking the dogs out. Without solar lighting, you would need a flashlight until the power returned.

Types of LED Garden Lighting

As a result of the outdoor living trend, there’s been an explosion in types of landscape lighting. Whether you’re seeking path lighting, uplighting, string lights, wall lights, or any other style of lighting, you will find a range of styles at different price points.

When selecting solar LEDs for outdoor use, check how much electricity the solar cells will produce, which should be indicated in kilowatt hours. Divide the total kilowatt hours by the energy consumed by the LED lights to get an estimated run time for the lights and pick a lighting system that meets your energy needs.

There’s never been a better time to get started with solar outdoor lighting. Many people try one style of solar lighting then buy more because they enjoy the appearance, cost savings, and energy savings.