LED Lighting in Miami

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LED lighting systems in Miami are slowly replacing the neon flashy signs that the city is known for. The Miami city-specific purposes for LED lighting can include aviation, marine use (under and above water), store fronts, custom auto designs, street lights, traffic signals and much more.

Two iconic Miami buildings, the Miami Tower and the InterContinental Miami were among the first to accessorize their exterior with LED lighting systems, boasting in press releases dated 2012 “maybe the most advanced exterior lighting systems in the world.”

The Miami tower added 216 new LED lighting fixtures capable of lighting effects in the hundreds and actual colors of lights in the tens of millions. The InterContinental Hotel has intricate LED lighting fixtures that transformed the drab sides of the tall structure into giant, animated screens.

While it is true that LED lighting technology is not new, it certainly is becoming increasingly popular in places like Miami due to its low cost maintenance, longevity and its minimal carbon footprint features. LED lighting systems have become increasingly popular since the late 2000s and even more so now as companies are looking to decrease running costs and homes are looking to reduce monthly expenditure. Normally, businesses that begin to use LED lighting can expect to begin to enjoy a return on the LED lighting investment in as little as one to two years, thus decreasing overhead costs and increasing revenue. This is a welcome development for any Miami business.