LED Home Lighting: Making the switch to LED Lights in your home

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With the costs of LED lighting falling in recent years, it’s finally affordable to switch to LED lighting for the home. Learn what lighting products are good in every room and the benefits of switching now.

Why Convert Your Home to LED Lighting

LED lights consume less energy than CFL and incandescent bulbs. Every time you lower the amount of energy your lighting system consumes, you instantly lower your utility bill.

According to Energy.gov, you can save $75 per year if you replace the five most frequently used lights in your home with Energy Star light bulbs, which include LED bulbs. This gives you a sense of the financial benefits you’ll realize when you scale this across every room in the house.

LED bulbs also have an incredible life span when compared with other lighting projects. Whether you’re talking about LED ceiling lighting or specialty products, such as an LED closet rod, you’ll realize incredible value for your dollar spend.

Now that you understand the benefits of making the switch, review what lights to use in each room.

Best LED Lights for the Kitchen

Let LEDs illuminate your kitchen, making every task easier. Start with these lights:

  • Under Cabinet Lighting – Under cabinet lighting makes every kitchen task easier with targeted light that brightens the corners your ceiling light won’t reach.
  • Cabinet Lighting – Light up the inside of your cabinets with drawer lighting and never search for an item again. Once you add drawer lighting, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.
  • Ceiling Light – No kitchen renovation would be complete without an LED ceiling light. Since LEDs are directional, purchase enough lighting to reach every corner or invest in angled track lighting with LED bulbs.

Best LED Lights for the Living Room

Whether you’re entertaining or being productive, LEDs illuminate the living room in warm or cool hues. To brighten up a dark living room without investing in new lights, select an LED bulb with a higher output than your typical 60-75 watt incandescent bulb.

  • LED Bulbs for Table Lamps – Enjoy your existing table lamps for less money simply by adding an LED bulb.
  • Recessed LED Lighting / LED Ceiling Lighting – Overhead, LED recessed lighting or ceiling lighting systems provide atmospheric, focused lighting.

Best LED Lights for the Bedroom

Add efficiency and utility to your bedroom with these LED lights:

  • LED Reading Light – A slim LED reading light for your nightstand allows you to read without disturbing your partner. It’s a game changer for relationships.
  • Recessed/Ceiling LED Lighting – Brighten your bedroom with LED recessed or ceiling lighting, or enjoy the fixture you have by swapping the CFL or incandescent bulb for an LED one.

Best LED Lights for the Closet

Get more utility from your closet by adding:

  • LED Lighted Closet Rod – An illuminated closet rod brightens up the closet interior, so you can grab the perfect garment at a glance. It’s the perfect touch of luxury.

For more tips on selecting the right LED home lighting for every room, browse our Wessel LED Lighting Systems blog.