LED Christmas Lights: It’s Time to Make the Switch for Your Holiday Lighting

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If you’ve been shopping for Christmas decorations, perhaps you’ve noticed a new trend: more LED lights are appearing on the shelves. Learn why LED holiday lighting has become so popular in recent years and why you should make the switch from incandescent.

Why Try LED Holiday Lighting

Since LED lights use fewer watts to produce the same vibrant colors, you can connect more strands of LED lights together without blowing a fuse. Depending on the wattage, you may be able to connect as many as 50 strings of LED lights together. This makes it easier to string decorations outside — for instance, to decorate a tall front-yard tree for the season.

LED lights produce little to no heat when they are on. Since they remain cold even after staying on all day, they pose no threat to children or animals, who may be burned by incandescent holiday lights.

LED Christmas lights also come in a range of styles. Whether you are looking for dimmable LEDs or something extra vivid, you’ll find the right style.

Finally, LEDs are economic. Not only have the lights become cheaper in recent years, but they last far longer than incandescent bulbs. A typical LED Christmas light lasts up to three times as long as an incandescent light and uses 90 percent less energy. You’ll save money on your utility bill by switching to LED Christmas lights, and also because you won’t need to replace old strands of lights every few seasons.

Incandescents do have a cheaper price point than LED lights; however, it only takes two to three years for the LED to pay back that initial price difference. If you are looking to use the same holiday decorations for years to come, your best bet is to buy LED lights.

Types of LED Holiday Lights

No matter what type of light you need for the holidays, you can find an LED version. For instance, you’ll find:

  • LED Mini Lights – These small string lights or twinkle lights are the LED version of the popular incandescent light
  • LED Wide Angle Mini Lights – These lights have a round, almost polka dot effect
  • C7 String Lights -These resemble the traditional pear-shaped Christmas light
  • LED Berry Lights – Berry lights have a rounded, raspberry shape that some people prefer over the traditional shape
  • Standalone LED Bulbs – Standalone LED replacement bulbs let you swap out solo bulbs in your Christmas candle or Hanukkah menorah for something energy-efficient
  • Battery Operated LEDs – Battery operated LEDs are great for indoor decorations, such as a front door wreath
  • Inflatable LED Decorations – Inflatable holiday decorations are now available with LED lights instead of incandescent bulbs
  • Programmable Animator – While not an LED light, a programmable animator lets you program your holiday lights to blink, flash, or shine in a pattern you determine

These styles come in white, multicolored, or single color versions, so you can mix and match light strands to create a custom effect.

Dress your home for the holidays and save money when you switch to LED lighting this Christmas season.