Go green and look good. The day of big, clunky, inefficient lighting is over.

Wessel LED Lighting Systems manufacturers some of the most visually pleasing lights on the market, and we do so while saving you HUNDREDS of dollars a year on your energy costs. Our fixtures use up to 85% less energy than the comparable incandescent lighting and 60% less energy than a fluorescent fixture. These also give off 80 – 90% less heat! ALL OF THIS, while the European design gives you the elegant look and ambiance you demand.

The Energy Efficiency Revolution has begun, and Wessel LED Light Systems is leading the way and looking good doing it. Our lighting professionals will walk you through anything from remodeling your kitchen with an earth-friendly lighting package to special LED UV lights for growing fruits and vegetables.

bathroom LED lighting
energy savings with LED lighting

See the analysis below from an actual customer who recently converted from Florescent to LED Panels. Get an idea of how much you could save!

Current Florescent Troffers:

2 x 32w per bulb = 64w x 13 Fixtures = 832w per hour —> 19.96kWh per day —> 7,288.32 kWh per year

7,288.32 kWh x .11 per kWh* = $801.71 cost per year

LED Panels:

1 x 40w = 40w x 9 fixtures = 360w per hour —> 8.64kWh per day —> 3,153.6 kWh per year

3,153.6 kWh x .11 per kWh* = $346.89 cost per year

Projected Annual Savings: $454.82 per hallway


9 Light Panels, 5 year parts warranty: $1430

Even: 3.14 years ($1430/$454.82)

ROI: + 877.80 (1.86 x $454.82) based on a 5 year life span

+$845.96 x 16 Hallways = +$13,535.44 over 5 warranted years

*An estimate business rate based on customers local energy companies published rate sheet.

We were able to install 4 fewer super energy efficient light panels (because the LED fixtures are brighter) and save our clients almost $14,000 AFTER paying for the light panels themselves! Talk about ROI! This DOES NOT account for the air conditioning savings from cooling those very hot florescent fixtures as opposed to our hyper efficient low heat LED Light Panels.

Low wattage, low heat, HIGH class and the luxury underline. Call today for your FREE analysis!

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