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The Wessel LED lighting design company is committed to building both commercial and residential custom made linear LED lighting solutions to meet our clients’ lighting design needs. Our passion is creating beautiful homes and businesses in Florida, across the United States and beyond. We provide commercial, residential, and point of sale lighting design services. We are aware that every project is different and that one size doesn’t quite fit all. Thus, we approach each project with a fresh perspective, eager to listen and to please.

We know a brilliantly executed lighting plan can lead to a more relaxed home environment and attract more customers to businesses. These outcomes are critical to our clients; which means they are even more so to us. Imagination and creativity are two of our greatest work tools and are essential in creating lighting design plans required to deliver exquisite designs that are right for your businesses and homes.

Wessel LED takes pride in ensuring our custom made linear LED lighting plans are energy efficient to save you money while you are relaxing at home or making money at your place of business. We work with both big and small projects and ensure the lighting design plan integrates with and highlights brand values as it is vital to every business. Every space is professionally considered based on such particulars as natural lighting, required ambiance, etc. before a lighting plan is even drawn up.

We know what makes a good lighting design for your space and we tailor our services to meet all types of lighting design needs while ensuring we meet energy requirements locally and internationally. Wessel LED is based in Florida, United States but we serve far beyond the boundaries of Florida and the United States.

For all your lighting needs, choose Wessel LED. Your goals and objectives for your business place and home are ours as well and we cannot wait to prove it to you. Call us today at (682) 990-4200!
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Residential, Commercial, Hotel, Hospitality, New Construction, Kitchen, Bath, Accent Lighting, Landscaping, UV, Custom projects, Point of Sale, Art Installations, Custom Linear Lighting – You name it and Wessel LED Lighting Systems can light it with luxury. Go Green, Look GREAT!!

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